Free yourself from emotional blockages

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Emotions like thoughts not only dwell and are generated in the brain but also are transmitted to the blood as neurotransmitters and neuropeptides to later reach every corner of our organism. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that our organism’s cells have receptors for these neurotransmitters and neuropeptides.

If it is true that our mood to a certain degree depends on a cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones and that this cocktail travels throughout our blood reaching the receptors that our body’s cells have to these substances, then we can conclude that our organism’s responds to our emotions and thoughts.

Therefore, our whole body is sad or happy, depressed or excited, anxious or furious and these same emotions can be locked in different parts of our body unless we get rid of them. These locked emotions are called energetic blockages by the traditional Chinese medicine, but they could also be called emotional blockages.

If these blockages persist and are not released through the use of the vast array of methods that we have for cleaning emotions—laughing, crying, shouting, talking, sighing, shining, etc—they get stuck and chronic. This is the reason why the human being has been looking for more sophisticated ways of cleaning old emotions.acupuntura (1)

Some methods are based on spiritual practices like the meditation and the confession of some religions; others are mental like the group therapy and the psychoanalysis. There are physical methods too like the acupuncture, qigong exercises. Finally, there are energetic methods like Reiki and Bach Flowers.

Fortunately there are practices that include mental, spiritual, energetic and physical methods, as it happens with Yoga.

Yoga is not just a good way to exercise the body and get supple and calm the mind. Yoga practice is a way to access the great potential inside each of us since it is a great tool for self-knowledge. Yoga is an ancestral method of dissolving old stuck emotions or energetic blockages through the practice of asanas or postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness in the present moment.

Yoga has the term “sankalpa” or intention. During Yoga practice you can formulate an intention about what you want to achieve during the practice or even a long term desire. By formulating a sankalpa your are getting align with what you desire to achieve.

Additional information about how to formulate a sankalpa can be found in the following video of Melissa West:

There is a close relationship between body posture and the emotional state. We all have noticed how a posture with the shoulders down imply some sort of surrender at the emotional level. Conversely, a straight back implies self-assurance. Next follows an interesting video about how postures influence emotions and vice versa.

Yoga has many empowering postures that will help you to overcome fear and face challenges courageously. Try the goddness pose or Utkata-Konasana or Warrior poses

Yoga has also asanas that will help you to get in touch with stuck emotions that need to be dealt with. To me the posture of the dying warrior implies surrender and letting emotions flow from the heart towards mother Earth with unconditional love and acceptance. Some people, find that savasana is the posture that allows them to get in touch with the emotions that need to be released.

dying warrior pose

It is my experience that some postures are good for releasing emotions and this happens unexpectedly.

Meditation is another way to get inside us, get in touch with our inner self and watch what is going on in our life without judgments, remorses or self blames.

Meditation allows us to be aware of where are we, what are we doing, how do we live and how we express our feelings and emotions. During meditations show up some emotions that need to be dealt with. It is through meditation that our inner self guides us to make the right decisions to fix our emotional issues.

Meditation is a way to stop doing and begin to being.

Yoga’s breathing exercises also known as Pranayama is also a good way to release stress and emotions. You will find many different types of breathing exercises in Yoga, please consult your instructor for guidance.

Next follows a very interesting video about how breathing can help us to release stress and emotions.

Many thanks to Melisssa and the members of the forum “Real Yoga for real People” for their suggestions and for sharing  their experiences with me.


María J. González


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    Milena Velba escribió:
    21/02/2014 en 20:30

    May I have your permission to comment this on my twitter?

      Natursalus respondido:
      22/02/2014 en 8:40

      Dear Milena, Of couse and many thanks for sharing!


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