vegan recipe: Filled in Pumpkin

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Today is a perfect fall day to prepare this recipe .

This beautiful pumpkin is from ” El  Recuncho Verde “. This , pumpkin have  a very thin skin ( you can eat it ) and a  wonderful sweet taste.

Ingredients for two people:

one large onion

one zucchinicalabazas

one carrot

one pumpkin

basmati rice

an apple

white grapes and black grapes

olive oil

sea salt or herbal salt herbs

fresh ginger

herbs (I used dried Provencal herbs and fresh basil )

water or vegetable broth for the rice

nuts (in my case I used Linwoods , flax seeds , goji , sunflower, pumpkin seeds and sesame )



It is a very easy recipe to make .

The first step is to cook the pumpkin :  wash the pumpkin,  split it in half , remove the seeds with a spoon and boil it  in water for a while till soft . Use a fork to make sure that it is cooked and remove it from the water.

You can give them a pinch of salt herbs.

The second step is to make a rice with  vegetables :

Chop the onion and garlic very finely and fry them  in a little olive oil. When poached add the zucchini , apple and carrot.

I like to put them all finely grated ,because it  gives it a nice texture and is cooked sooner.

Prepare some fresh grated ginger and add it along with dried herbs . Now is the time to wash the rice , so dust is cleaned.

Add the rice and let it soak in the flavors of the vegetables and ginger. Heat water or vegetable broth to add when hot , when it starts to boil again reduce the heat and wait about 12 minutes (depending on the type of rice ) until rice is done and water is consumed .

Now add finely chopped fresh basil .

Now is the time for the grapes!

In Aragon ( Spain )there is a  famous recipe :  crumbs with grapes . The grapes provide  a freshness and spectacular taste to the  crumbs . I was inspired by this recipe.

We are in the time of harvest , so the grapes are now in their best moment… I ‘ve used white and black grapes very sweet and without seeds. To prepare them wash and cut them  in half .

Fill the pumpkin  with the  vegetable rice, put over the grapes , add a bit of good olive oil and sprinkle a few nuts … and ready o it!

The taste is great , I hope you like it!!calabacitas

Maria J. González



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